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A fair day's pay…

Regardless of the number of employees your company has, Spectrum understands the value of timely and accurate payroll processing.


Spectrum will customize your payroll functions to do much more than just provide you and your employees a check with gross and net numbers. By adding details of the employee.s taxes, benefit deductions, 401(k) statements, garnishments, vacation and sick accruals along with personalized messaging, the employee receives a comprehensive overview of their compensation package.


Input data can be collected from Spectrum.s Time & Attendance program or submitted via fax, email, telephone, or your own system. We will calculate, file, and deposit your company.s employee state and federal taxes, as well as control direct deposits or split direct deposits. Spectrum can also relieve you of the time consuming process of check signing, check stuffing, and bank reconciliations.


Spectrum Payroll Services uses the latest state-of-the-art database technology that can be adapted to interface with your existing software or used independently.


The level of Payroll services Spectrum will provide your company may be customized from the comprehensive list available.

Payroll Services

  • Time Receipt & Wage Calculation

  • State Tax Filing

  • Federal Tax Filing

  • Tax Deposits

  • Individual & Global Check Messaging

  • 940 Reports/Deposits & Reconciliations

  • 941 Reports/Deposits & Reconciliations

  • SUTA Reports/Deposits & Reconciliations

  • FUTA Reports/Deposits & Reconciliations

  • Leave Calculation & Administration

  • Federal & State Tax Compliance & Filing

  • Direct Deposit/Split Direct Deposits

  • Check Signing

  • Check Inserts

  • Check Stuffing

  • Check Reconciliation Services

  • Garnishments & Other Deductions

  • W3 Annually

  • L3 Annually

  • State Withholding Reports/Deposits

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